Takta stone factory

Takta Sang Company was established in 1955 and is experienced in all the fields of procurement and production of various building decoration stones. Takta Sang Co. is one of the well-known and reputable producers and exporters with the great honor of exporting to some of the foreign countries. The stone produced by this company is shining in the export markets of different countries. Enjoying the advantages of experienced personnel in its modern factories and private mines, Takta Sang Co. produces the best and most beautiful stone with the high production rate and competitive prices, through which we have satisfied our customers. Products of Takta Sang Company are supplied to the local and foreign contractors and consumers with the best global standard and packing. Our various products include polished tile and slab stones as well as the different types of cubic and antique brushed stones, natural and synthetic stones. Iran owns one of the richest decoration stones of the world with plenty of colors and qualities. Takta Sang Company has its private stones and supplies export block stones to customers in different parts of the world. Please contact our experts for any technical consultancy and information.

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Comercial department:+989131036950/+989132152952
Adress:24th street,Mahmoodabad Industrial,Esf,Iran

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